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Noam Kaniel


Noam Kaniel is a singer and composer, who has sold over 8 million records, and is known for composing or performing the theme songs as well as the music scores to dozens of children's series such as Power Rangers, X-Men, Goldorak, Casper, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Heathcliff and Code Lyoko to mention just a few.


FBcool as been collaborating with Noam since the singing artist Lââm's beginnings in the year 2000. We can hear many of their collaborations in themes as well as background musics in series listed below.



POP Secret (2006)

Les 4 Fantastiques (2006)

Casper's Scare School (2009)

Power Rangers Samurai (2011) 

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (2012) 

Power Rangers Megaforce (2013)

Digimon Fusion (2013)

Kobushi (2013)

Sabrina and the teenage witch (2013) Emmy awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Graphic Design and Title Sequences


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