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Label #PRODBYME CEO & funder / Artist / Producer / Writer / beat maker / composer / arranger / orchestral cinematic score composer / voice director / mixer.
FB had his own label and recording studios in Paris, France since 1997 (HEBEN music, PBC music, and he produced and collaborated with many million records sold artists. See the non exhaustive list of his collaborations.
Today FB is the CEO of the label PRODBYME, funded in January 2016. He Works with the most popular artists of the french & international urban scene.
"Music is my life. I live music ! I eat music ! I sleep music ! All kind of music as long as it touches the heart.  I'm doing Hip Hop, Funk/soul as well as pop  / Rock / RnB / Trap / E.D.M / house / *step / orchestral cinematic music. I'm open to good music, no matter what style it is. I like to discover and dig new ways to express emotions." 
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