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Human Love - the musical

(co-production / arrangement / composition)


KissMyArtz / PBCmusic - a show written by MOTI GOYA.


Human love debute with a shipwreck and is ending in a masterful song of hope. a song has multiple voices, resolutely modern, color or « soul », « pop » and « gospel » make up a rainbow sky peace.«Human love» gives a central message of freedom is combined with respect and tolerance.


Written in english and French with many different artists from U.K, France & Africa, Human Love is BIG. I have the chance and the honor to be a part of the production and composition. I have the pleasure to meet and direct incredible artists with amazing voices. We are still in full creation process but here are some videos & interviews of Moti, the artists and me. More info at the end of the year 2014.


Follow the official site here.

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